T.i.S. Service closed the experience in the civil field in 1997 and since then started to apply almost exclusively in high level hydraulic design and in large water and pipeline networks.

A strong point of the Italian company is offering its clients specific products in exclusive that means being the unique Italian producer of certain kinds of valves and fittings.

In order to enter concretely in foreign markets, La T.i.S. Service moreover became leader in the manufacture of innovative products. This important step has been achieved through the acquisition of T.i.S. NUOVAL s.r.l., an Italian company specialized in the planning and production of high technological hydraulic equipments.

Then T.i.S. Service opened its first branch in Greece 12 years ago, followed by the ones in Poland, Lithuania and finally the branch companies in Chile, Macedonia and Slovenia.

The last conquer is named T.i.S. POLSKA, the company founded in Warsaw in the end of 2004 in order to develop the contacts with the markets of East Europe contries.

Finally 2009 sees T.i.S. Service challanging the hydrothermosanitary market with the new born PLASTIC LINE, the complete range of PE fittings both electro and butt fusion, transition fittings, PP compression fittings, all products manufactured with own T.i.S. brand and certified by IIP.