О компании Wilo

The Wilo Group is one of the world’s leading premium providers of pumps and pump systems for the building services, water management and industrial sectors. In the past decade, we have developed from a hidden champion into a visible and connected champion. Today, Wilo has around 8,000 employees worldwide.
Our innovative solutions, smart products and individual services move water in an intelligent, efficient and climate-friendly manner. We are also making an important contribution to climate protection with our sustainability strategy and in conjunction with our partners. We are systematically pressing ahead with the digital transformation of the Group. We are already the digital pioneer in the industry with our products and solutions, processes and business models.


Founded in 1872 as copper- and brassware factory in Dortmund, Wilo has evolved from being a local specialist to a global player. As the majority shareholder with a stake of approximately 90 percent, the Wilo-Foundation ensures the company’s continuity and independence. An uncompromising customer-driven mindset, immediate market proximity and, in particular, our culture of innovation have made us who we are; one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of high-tech pumps and pump systems.


Wilo always strives to solve problems that have been identified and exceed the customers’ requirements. A high standard, which provides a benchmark for us that we like to be measured by. We examine customer requirements early and from an all-round perspective.
Successful inventions are developed at Wilo using our sound knowledge and reliable sense for future technological and market requirements. When both converge, product benefits reach a new level of quality.
Intelligence. Inspiration. Innovation spirit. As a pioneer in the pump industry, we focus on anything that moves water. We have the most important prerequisites for continuously setting new standards with Wilo developments, products, systems and services: This includes our international team, comprising experienced and creative employees and cutting-edge technical facilities.


We make complex technologies user-friendly, simple to operate, energy-efficient and powerful for our customers. In the end, the main focus of everything we do is people. We offer them outstanding products, system solutions and services. Our brand promise stands for this: Pioneering for You. For maximum quality of life.


The Wilo Group operates in five market segments: Building Services Residential, Building Services Commercial, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Water Management and Industry.
The portfolio consisting of products, system solutions and services is systematically tailored to the specific needs of customers in the respective market segments. This strong focus, combined with the Group’s traditional innovative strength and proximity to customers thanks to a local presence, are a key factor in its success. This enables the Wilo Group to identifythe different trends in each region and changing requirements at an early stage and respond to them quickly and flexibly


Around the world, energy and resource efficiency is becoming markedly more important due to ecological and, not least, economic reasons.
Accordingly, there is a growing focus on economic efficiency and sustainability when it comes to commercial and private use of buildings. This makes it increasingly necessary to use innovative systems incorporating optimally coordinated components. Wilo offers the necessary energy-efficient concepts in the Building Services Residential and Building Services Commercial market segments. These relate to heating technology and air conditioning as well as water supply and wastewater disposal. Wilo’s product and system solutions find applications in detached houses, apartment blocks as well as public buildings, industrial and office buildings, hospitals and hotels.


Wilo is a strong partner of leading OEMs and manufacturers of products including boilers, heat pumps and air-conditioning systems.
The Wilo Group’s pumps and hydraulic systems offer the highest degree of reliability, flexibility and efficiency. OEM customers also benefit from Wilo’s many years of experience, detailed knowledge of the market and pronounced application expertise. The Wilo Group is also a development partner for these customers and sees itself as a forward thinker and a trendsetter. Taking into account current and future regulatory requirements, Wilo anticipates global market requirements at an early stage, allowing it to develop and offer future-oriented solutions that are ideally tailored to the specific needs of customers and the market. Wilo offers a broad range of established, tried-and-tested integrated products and intelligent, individually developed solutions.


Thanks to the fast pace of urbanisation and climate changeas well as growing environmental pollution, water as a raw material is becoming a scarce and precious commodity in more and more regions of the world.
Providing the rapidly growing global population with enough clean drinking water is a fundamental problem. In addition, the demand for water from agriculture and industry is rising sharply around the world. The safe and sufficient purification and supply of watertherefore already involves profound global challenges. As a partner to the water management industry, Wilo offers professional solutions designed to meet the increasingly complex requirements involved in drinking water extraction, water pumping, and the transportation and processing of wastewater. Wilo’s pumps and pump systems for water management set benchmarks around the world in terms of technical performance, efficiency and sustainability.


Wilo develops and manufactures pumps that guarantee the highest level of reliability, flexibility and efficiency.Particularly in industrial applications, these are vital and process-critical factors for pumps and pump systems. The particular strength of the Wilo Group in the Industry market segment is to support applications for processes in various industries. As everyindustrial sector has its own, often highly specific requirements in terms of pumps and peripherals, Wilo develops individual concepts and solutions for every industrial requirement. This ensures smooth installation, safe operation and efficient maintenance. Wilo pumps are used around the world for pumping cooling water in power plants, for example. Other important applications include dewatering in the mining industry and food production.


Dortmund has established itself as Wilo’s headquarters. Besides the marketing investments in Borussia Dortmund, Wilo is also now investing significantly in Dortmund as a location.
Here, where our success story started, the Wilopark is now being built – one of Germany’s largest industrial building projects. However, it is not an emotional or ideal decision driving this, but a tough business decision.
The argument for Dortmund is the market proximity to all of the production sites in Europe, the good infrastructure and the availability of well trained staff, so that the site is undisputed as a choice of location given its existing expertise.